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Notes on the Trials

  • Full Hunting Exams

The VGP / VPS are hunting exams for hunting dogs. Without passing an officially recognised exam, it is not allowed to take a dog out for hunting purposes in Germany. The VGP is the exam for pointing dogs. The VPS is the exam for the work after the shot. There are existing more several special exams for our different dog races. It is also necessary that the dog has an exam to be insured if something happens during hunting. Without an exam you don't have an insurance.

The RGP is an hunting exam refering to the VPS with additional trials of typical retriever hunting skills.




  • Achievement Mark JGHV

The Btr is a special hunting exam of the common "JGHV - Hunting Dog Association". The dog shall find and bring a layed out fox immediately after he has found it. He shall "faithfull" bring it to the dog handler.


  • Character Test DRC (DRC -German Retriever Club)


Temperament, movement and play instinct:
The almost 17 month old Golden male shows very pronounced temperament, movement & play behavior.

Endurance, fearlessness, toughness, attention:
He introduces himself very persistent, fearless and attentive.

Prey and fetch instinct, tracking and rummaging instinct:
The prey behavior has become recognizable in a very pronounced form, the dog carries and brings it joyful to the dogs handler, tracking behavior pronouncable became recognizable during the test.

Subordination and tie:
The male dog shows a high willingness to subordinate and a good tie to the dogs handler.

Safety towards people, circle test, supine position:
He shows absolute security towards people, the circle test and the lateral position do not stress him.

Safety towards visual and acoustic stimuli:
Absolutely secure and unimpressed by visual and acoustic stimuli.

Shot resistance:
He shows no fear towards gunshots.

I hope it helps a little bit ...

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